Superflex Series

  • By extrusion of a Polyurethane tape or profile, which is brought together with a steel wire, which generally is copper coated or, for the heavier versions also PU covered to give the best possible adhesion.
  • These two components are brought together by the tooling, then welded by hot air.
  • By making more or less thick profiles we achieve lighter or stronger hoses
  • By using different types of Polyurethanes and additives, we give the final product specific characteristics, like food quality, flame retardancy, antistatic properties, extra UV resistance to name a few
  • The SUPERFLEX product portfolio, ranging from light ductings, which will cover the dust, fumes, granules and light abrasion applications, to extra reinforced hoses for the most demanding use like the transfer of rocks, pebbles, sand and cement, will cover most needs of our industrial customer base.

Product Range