Superflex PU AllRounDuct

🛠️🔄 One hose for all: Our Superflex PU AllRounDuct polyurethane hose covers a wide variety of applications.

Do you want to vacuum chipped wood, pellets, sawdust, oil or paint mist?Transporting granules, fertilisers, seeds, cement dust, sand, insulation material or construction waste?

Or circulate the air at high temperatures?

With Superflex PU AllRounDuct you are always right!

Its material avoids issues caused by microorganisms and its conductivity allows it to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.  

Inside, a copper-coated PU-covered steel spiral gives the hose its excellent stability and the best possible bending properties.

And the woodworking industry will appreciate its flame-retardant property.

Certified Excellence: The hose is rigorously certified and undergo continuous review processes to ensure compliance with the most up-to-date rules and norms.