Enomaq 2023, a great success

Enomaq 2023, a great success

Enomaq, the first trade fair on Continental’s 2023 IFS roadmap, came to an end with a great success both for Enomaq and for our team, which collected so many leads and visits from end users and industrial distributors.

Enomaq welcomed more than 28,000 trade visitors for 1,059 brands – including Continental with its products – from 20 countries in five continents.

Trade fairs are not just about growing business and we know that: spreading ideas and facilitating connections are key points for us.

It was also a great opportunity to present our products for the winery, brewery and olive oil industries, such as Nevada PHF specifically for suction and delivery in the wine industry, Vacupress Eno Phf – for suction and delivery of food liquids, wine and alcohol to 20% proof – Vacupress Food – for suction and delivery of foodstuffs – and Armorvin Total Pu Oil TPHF, for suction and delivery of abrasive materials, liquids, oils and fatty food stuffs.

A final thought: if we can remember it as a great success, it is only thanks to the colleagues who worked passionately on the project from day one: thanks to them all!

See you again at Enomaq-2025!