Rigid PVC spiral SH. D. (3 SEC.) = 78 ± 3, for protection from crushing and abrasion (in compliance with ISO 4649<150 mm3)of hydraulic hoses and wrapping groups of hoses.

Tubo in PVC plastificato con spirale in acciaio zincato incorporata, per aspirazione e mandata liquidi alimentari.

Two-layer plasticized PVC hose with embedded galvanised steel spiral with polyester yarn reinforcement, for suction and delivery of liquids.

PVC hose with rigid PVC spiral, for delivery and suction of food liquids.

PVC hose with rigid PVC spiral, for suction and ducting of air, fumes, chips, dusts, textile filaments and ventilation.

Polyurethane hose with copper-plated steel spiral, for suction and transport of dusts, chips and abrasive material.

Soft PVC hose with polyester yarn reinforcement for water delivery in agriculture and flowergrowing.

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Merlett это европейский лидер на рынке индустриальных шлангов для сельскохозяйственной, морской, строительной, транспортной и пищевой промышленности.

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